Our Mission

Exacis has in-licensed a highly refined and next-generation set of technologies and tools as well as cell lines and know-how based upon years of scientific work performed by the Factor Bioscience team. Our relationship with Factor provides access to the following:

Development and Validation of Scientific Approaches

  • Non-immunologic mRNA constructs that can be delivered in the absence of immunogenicity or cell killing
  • mRNA vectorization of gene editing proteins – virus & animal product free, feeder free, high precision and high efficiency gene editing
  • Proprietary gene editing protein and construct for mRNA delivery, encoding and function
  • mRNA based cell reprogramming to iPSC stage with full telomere length restoration
  • Methods for simultaneous mRNA-based cell reprogramming and gene editing
  • Clonal expansion for high manufacturing efficiency and safety

Global IP Protection: >80 Issued and Pending Patents

Key patents include:
  • mRNA cell reprogramming
  • Combined mRNA cell reprogramming and gene editing
  • mRNA vectorization of gene editing proteins
  • Chromatin context-sensitive gene editing endonuclease
  • Insertion of sequences into safe harbor loci
  • Nucleic acid delivery system

What We Do

Exacis is developing best in class, mRNA based engineered Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T and NK cells for treatment of liquid and solid tumors in order to overcome the significant challenges associated with existing therapies. The Company’s proprietary, in licensed mRNA-based cell reprogramming and gene editing technology will be applied to develop induced pluripotent stem cells and perform further combinatorial engineering to create optimized T and NK cells targeted at difficult to treat cancers.

Exacis’ approach will allow the Company to provide allogeneic cells that are fully engineered, fully characterized and available for off the shelf use at point of care without requiring prolonged hospitalization or preconditioning lymphodepletion.

The Future of Cell Therapies

Exacis is developing advanced cellular therapeutics with the aim to deliver potent, targeted, effective cell therapies to harness the human immune system and cure cancer. This is the future.

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