Gene and Cell Therapies: CMC, CGT & Vector Manufacturing Summit to Include Presentation by Exacis Biotherapeutics CEO

Dr. Gregory Fiore, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Exacis Biotherapeutics will present “Strategies to Develop Safe Cell Therapies Without Compromising Efficacy” at the 3rd Gene and Cell Therapies: CMC, CGT & Vector Manufacturing Summit. Dr. Fiore has gained a deep understanding of the complexity of developing cell-based therapies as CEO. CMO and C-suite advisor of multiple pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

“Patient safety is essential in developing new therapies,” said Dr. Fiore. “Finding the optimal benefit-risk balance where a therapy is as effective as possible, while limiting the risk to patients requires thorough exploration and is crucial for success.”

The panel will take place at 5:00 pm CET on Wednesday, November 16, 2022.

The 3rd Gene and Cell Therapies: CMC, CGT & Vector Manufacturing Summit will be November 16-17, in Vienna, Austria and online. The meeting will focus on the unique challenges related to CMC, analytical, process development, automation, manufacturing, facility design, aseptic processing, supply chain and others that developers of gene and cell therapies must resolve.

About Exacis Biotherapeutics

Exacis is a development stage immuno-oncology company focused on harnessing the human immune system to cure cancer by engineering next generation off-the-shelf NK and T cell therapies aimed at hematologic malignancies and solid tumors. Exacis was founded in 2020 with an exclusive global license to a broad suite of patents covering the use of mRNA based cell reprogramming and gene editing technologies for use in generating engineered NK and T cells for oncology applications.

Exacis’ approach avoids the use of DNA and viruses and instead uses a proprietary mRNA based technology. Exacis uses the technology to generate iPSCs and to edit their genome to create stealthed, performance enhanced allogeneic NK and T cell products, termed ExaNK™, ExaCAR-NK™ and ExaCAR-T™ cells.

About T and Natural Killer (NK) Cell Therapies

T and NK cells are types of human immune cells that are able to recognize and destroy cancer cells and can be modified through genetic engineering to target and kill specific tumors.

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